Friday, September 21, 2012

An Unhandled Exception '' Occurred in OWSTIMER.EXE

I have this really slow and annoying SharePoint 2010 development server, bumped Visual Studio 2010 into it. Great idea it seemed then. Well, it still seems still in my eyes. Then, I had some application services not starting and just getting lost in limbo for like forever. So, I re-installed the SharePoint 2010. Them one of my content databases refused to mount because of schema difference. So, I decided to install the March 2012 cumulative update ( which took eternity, and even so now is still in eternity, and intermittently between these two eternities I have gotten this error like forever (see screenshot):

If this error was coming up perhaps when running some of my custom codes, and this debug suggestion comes up, then no problems, I can proceed and debug. Visual Studio is trying to help us out with an unhandled exception by asking about launching debug.  That’s all well and good but I didn’t write the SharePoint code or the cumulative update code and so I have no plans to change it. So for as often as it pops up, is the same number of times you tell it to get da hell outta da way... :) :)
However, one way to work with this is to disable the JIT (Just-In-time Debugger) by following a few simple Registry Key changes:

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