Sunday, October 27, 2013


A couple of years ago when I first
heard about the PMP, which is an
acronym for Project Management
Professional, I immediately pictured in my mind a top-brass executive, wearing an expensive suit and probably gold-rimmed spectacles, making key business decisions and whose life eventually ends up in some kind of financial mismanagement scandal.

Well, I discovered the real thing
wasn’t so far from my imagination,
especially if that person wound up
as an “accidental” project manager,
because the real ones have, and
follow, an ethical code of conduct of high-fidelity. Project management happens at different levels and scales. It is a result-driven profession. As a practitioner, you will have demonstrated over time that you
possess the knowledge, experience and skills to bring any project to a successful completion. Project Management in the 21 century is now a two-edged sword; it is a skill-set and, at the same time, a career path.
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